snorting and cursing (lostonbroadway) wrote in wynonnajudd,
snorting and cursing

New Wynonna :D

I saw Wynonna will be featured on Ann Wilson's (Lead singer of HEART) new solo album "Hope & Glory" coming out Sept.11th. I know she will be on the "We Gotta Get out of this place" track. I saw the CMT Crossroads she did with Heart a few years ago and these two sound great together! Anyone heard it?

You can hear a short sample of it here. You can't hear Wy very much in this clip, but the song is actually more of a duet.

I have heard several of the songs off this album and it is quite good and is a good mix of country and rock. Ann covers some Zeppelin and Youngbloods. It is an anti-war album and does feature one original song, but is mostly covers. Good covers at that.
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